Raising kids overseas, hospitality issues, and marshmallows

Here's the second part of the interview questions that Crossway readers sent in.


One of the questions had to do with something I think about often-- quality time and children. I've already found some encouragement from an "old, dead guy" on this issue...

How do you ensure that you’re spending one-on-one time with each of your kids?

I think this happy endeavor is an ongoing pursuit and a creative art. Something that has always impressed me is the flavor of the quality time that Jonathan Edwards spent with his kids each night (as described in the book, Marriage to a Difficult Man). This busy pastor would “enter freely into the feelings and concerns of his children and relaxing into cheerful and animate conversation accompanied frequently with sprightly remarks and sallies of wit and humor.” I’m so encouraged by Edwards’ perspective on quality time with his kids because it leaves a sweet taste to savor instead of a burden of anxiety or a law to check off my list.